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Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts, experienced IT professional in Cloud Designing, Linux Expert and Cisco Certified. Experience with large scale systems, design, developing and analysis of Python applications. Have an excellent knowledge in math, algebra, cryptography and logic.

My Career


Private AI Project - Using Artificial Intellegence to detect and predict success In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Nov. 2019
Python, AI, Django, TensorFlow


I'm working at ENDAVA as Python DevOps and AI Engineer.

Nov. 2021
Python DevOps and AI Engineer


I worked at Symphony-Solutions as Python DevOps Developer.

Nov. 2017
Python Developer


I worked at Armedia as DevOps

Apr. 2016
DevOps and Python Developer


I worked at EcoNet as Python Developer. Application for Drung industry, using AI and ML, Cassandra and Elasticsearch.

Oct. 2018
Python Developer


I worked at Radix-Technologies as Cloud Architect. Designing maintaining Clouds/Grids (OpenStack, CA Applogic, Vmware, Hyper-V).

Oct. 2012
Python Developer

NewMan's Business Accelerator

Mentor for Cloud and Virtualization, Unix and Linux Security, Cisco, Computer Forensics, Critical Security Controls - Planning, Implementing and Auditing

Oct. 2012
Python Developer

Makpetrol A.D. - Skopje

I worked as System and Network Administrator. Implementing ISO 27001, Managing whole infrastructure and monitoring the same.

Oct. 2010
Python Developer

My Skills

My Projects


Using Artificial Intellegence to detect and predict success In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).


This project is other's project. I use another request to get repo's information.

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DDoS Protection of the Data Center and keeping the services of the clients online.